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Fucking incredible

Best flash I've seen in ages, I honestly could watch this on Tv and would tune in religiously - the comedy style is similar to the fast show I guess... which happens to be one of my fav shows!

R u guys going onto tv or just sticking with the flash? Are you american or english?

TmsT responds:

Well, I'm in New Zealand, but I recruited the voice talent of a Canadian called Mark, just because he has a great, funny voice.
I'm currently studying animation at an art school here, so... someday. =D

LMAO this is good

Im english but recently I had a friend who visited florida and i also had to call some american businesses, they put me on hold and i heard some american radio - my friend also says this is a damn good parody of american adverts. I love it its hysterical

Maybe we can use your voice for some dnb tracks some times could u do a "unit e selling this rinsing vinyls right now in a record store near u, thats right unit e baby"


excellent really found it funny, shame the animation was done so quickyl but i know how you feel mouth animations can take ages lol

Awesome really enjoyed it

The on going joke of sbc wanting to drive i dont think will ever die let alone the others about him being dumb as fuck. Really enjoyed this flash it was a good clock crew flash mainly because of the originallity and attention to detail. Thanks for spending time with the camera to make it have a film feel, the cheesy banana death was good to wiv the use of cinemtic music.

I'm looking 4ward to episode 2 this was damn funny, good work. Thanks for taking the time to make this! :)

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Excellent use of flash, and a great game!

I love this game, its kinda like gran turismo but u can only drag race, which makes it so much more original. I showed it to my class and now everyone plays it! they love it!

gr8 game :)


Fucking pwns

INSANE my god how good is this game. Fair play m8 must of taken u ages, only a few things i didn't like, mainly just the fact tht there was no automatic weapon?? Or am i missing something...

GR8 game with GR8 playability.

fucking sweet!

one of the best i've seen from miniclip, i do like all ur games but this one fucking rocks!, gr8 game i really enjoyed it, keep bringing them out!



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